About the Gaming category

Gaming is where we get together for social events. Normal rules apply. Double the points if you shoot, damage, or otherwise inconvenience forum leadership.

  • Use this category to discuss games, gaming, and social events.

  • Uncategorised can get busy. Not wanting to lose signal to the noise, gaming lets us discuss specifics and keeps related talk under the same header.

  • Each topic should relate to a game or an event. In the case of games, it would be useful to keep all discussion under the same topic where appropriate. E.G. one topic for CSGO discussion, but a new topic to get a general feeler for what games people have.

  • Each general topic must have a first post explaining important details. This will consist at least of a brief paragraph describing what the game is. The topic will be transferred to @system for ownership purposes. If you are creating a new general discussion topic, double posting is totally OK.