Also Strata


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@Strata is the best of us

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This post reminds me of an old guy trying to use the internet.

I clicked on the confounded “get started” set up linky thing and answered it’s question to the best of my willingness like it’s gonna set up my profile for me. Then posts this thread and makes me feel like an old man. Or just some jerk who only half reads everything he sees.

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I am too, Strata

Dirty liar

How do I not get emailed every time someone posts here?

Edit your preferences dood

All I can find is badges, badges and more badges.

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Hello @Strata, I am in your inbox. Taking up space. Aaaaall this spaaaaaace.

@Pan_Demic You’ve @'ed you last @

@Strata hi :>

@Pan_Demic You’ve @'ed you last @

You know on Discord I get pinged when people say @ed without the appropriate apostrophe you did there.

That’s why I added the apostrophe. I would never say Ed in anger.