Community Direction

Howdy all, now’s a good time to make you aware of some things. I’ll contact y’all individually and post about it too, but it’s worth pushing a big ol’ newspost first.

Following the poll, the top results were to have regular social events, a place to showcase your work, and updates to the minecraft server. People were also interested in Twitch links and group hosting. So let’s break that down.

We now have a place you can showcase work, have your group hosted with private areas, and link out to your twitch. This is up on - a few people have had access already for testing purposes, and we’re at a point where it’s ready to launch it proper.

We have a group of people that have volunteered to work on the Minecraft server. @Pan_Demic and Vliedel will be making changes to it in the future. It looks like we will expand the server, keeping the survival world and adding at least a creative and skyblocks modes. Grégoire has had some good ideas too, and we can look to work these into the mix ws well. It’s awesome that they’ve stepped up to help, I’m very grateful for it!

Which leaves us with having regular social events. Those of you that know my circumstances right now know I’m not really in a capacity to join in gaming evenings. I am in a position to be able to join the voice chat, but that’s about as far as I’ll get. I’m keen for our community to get going with this, and even more keen to have some of you put forward your thoughts and organise things. Please feel free to chat with me and I’ll help your suggestions out wherever I can. I know @AnimeSucks and @Revenant have put forward some ideas on the RP front, @Suburban_Ed is ever-interestEd in Dead By Daylight (as am I!) and there’s a solid group of us that still play the likes of CSGO, SC, and, of course, Urban Dead. All of these things are genuinely pretty cool - looking forward to joining you guys when I can.

I don’t know what the best way to action all the above is, which is why we have a section on our site for feedback. If you have any good ideas, you can post in there and we’ll seek to action it.

The key thing is that this is our community. It works only because you guys are awesome, fun to hang around with, and interested in what we’re doing here. I’m looking forward to finding out which way our ship goes, and glad for the company we keep.

Take it easy, you all!