Eve online lubbi lubbi dub dub

Hit me up if you play it

Ha! Pretty much exactly what I pretended you wrote got from you for your user testimonial.

EDIT: vliedel mentioned it would be nice to have a list of what games are being played at the moment so people know what’s going on.

Maybe not a bad idea to start something like that up :smile:

@GioV definitely plays, but I don’t know if zhe’s on ze forumz (?)


zhey are not

I play off and on, currently more off than on.

I do have a Triglavian Flask currently en route of which I can share pics when it gets here, if anyone’s interested. :small_red_triangle:

So what’s the big deal with EVE anyway? How have you guys managed to sink so much time into it and remain interested?

@Geoffi is GioV. I don’t understand either…

For fucks’ sake. :man_facepalming:

Tried playing for a while, got bored.
Maybe i misssed something but meh…

Yeah, There is alot in the game i can see new players getting lost and what not… I went down the path of just doing anything mining,exploring,combat missions, pvp, building capital parts, wormholes, honestly its just what i make of it that been keeping me into the game for 9 years now.

these days i run missions in two Leshaks, or i’ll do sites (dungeons in mmo terms) with Nestors and Leshaks. and gas harvesting… probably my favorite is making money by ganking haulers in highsec its very lucrative but at the same time it takes a lot of patience but getting that one shot off with a Tornado is so satisfying and fun

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You just don’t like learning new games, because you’re bad at games.

Lies, In fact i would say due to how hardcore eve is. i am a better gamer.

Are there any introduction videos/resources for EVE? Like, where would you point a new player?

plenty this can give you A LOT of information https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/ there is also https://www.eveworkbench.com/ the thing about fitting ships tho… is i would just use these sites for fittings as a example… of course though with deadspace/faction modules never start out with those due to how expensive they are. start off cheap until you know how to fly your ships. the main idea is to learn how to fit your own ships dont always depend on these sites, sometimes on workbench since anyone can put a fit on there ive seen some terrible fits lol

Are there any introduction videos/resources for EVE? Like, where would you point a new player?

… away

It’s just too complex for Ed’s mind to handle… It’s a thinking mans game

From personal experience, I have to say that Gio’s really bad at teaching or explaining things. Definitely look for other resources. :stuck_out_tongue:

UniWiki is pretty decent. There’s an absolute ton of other information sources out there, too, including blogs, YouTube videos, and the like. What works best for you probably depends heavily on how you prefer to take in information. I will warn you that EVE works better for people who can actually read.

Well it’s because i been playing it forever. it’s just second nature to me pretty much on what to do. at the same time it’s also a complicated game different ways to pvp or pve so yeah it can be hard for me to explain things usually the best thing to do in anything is first hand experience to actually grasp anything. in fact i use to never use singularity to test fits and mechanics of the game, i learned from trial and error on the main server lol. if anyone does play you could ask me to help you but as Revenant said i’m not good at teaching or explain why you should do this or not to do that though if you play with me i’ll throw you to the lions so then you will learn. that’s how i learned anyways. and i turned out to be a good pilot, even attended an alliance tournament which back then on eve was a big deal until they stopped doing them.