Favorite Movie

So you may or may not have pooped today, but what is your favorite movie of all time and why?

The Usual Suspects. The storytelling, the cast, the very believable “Verbal”, the plot and twist that M. Night Shyamalan aspires to reach all conspire to produce a movie masterpiece that gets better with every rewatch.

It’s the only movie I’ve seen more than once at the movies.

The Usual Suspects was epic. I’m surprised you’ve seen it multiple times at the theater though, because once you know the twist it loses that first watch shine. I would say it definitely has the best twist ever, but re-watchability isn’t high for me. For sure one of my favorites though.

I watch so much shit this is a Buridan’s ass type of deal with me. But a couple of notable ones that I keep coming back to are Requiem for a Dream, Apocalypse Now, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Kids.

I can’t fire you a favourite film. They change far too often, unfortunately! I’ve been thinking about The Fountain a bit recently. If you’ve never seen it… well there’s a large chance it might not be up your alley to be honest. I think it’s worth your time to find out, though.

This is my favorite:

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Brazil is awesome. Getting into real territory here.

That’s the thing with The Usual Suspects and many good movies with a twist: they telegraph the twist if you’re paying attention. And the third time around I was pretty confident I spotted most of the little hints and things that didn’t sit well with me the first time around, I just couldn’t explain why. :slight_smile:

Lots of good movies here. Kids, now that was a disturbing movie. Far more than Requiem. Either that or I watched it at an age when I was more susceptible to such influences and had to be more aware of my own actions.

Loved The Fountain, Hugh was incredible, as always. But Brazil - it has to be the Director’s Cut. The Hollywood edition with the happy ending just isn’t it.

How about this, another Terry Gilliam great:

I don’t actually think I’ve ever seen the happy ending version of Brazil, but I just looked it up on Youtube and it’s super lame. No one should see that.

Taoism Drunkard looks whacky tobaccy. Oldboy is another great film if we’re going foreign.

This is a hilarious parody film.

Saving Private Ryan, It still looks good for how old it is.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A classic.

Vale, Ennio Morricone.

This, if you haven’t seen it, is great.

Does anybody remember Linnea Quigley’s Horror Workout?

Kids is still a wild ride. Korine’s other films are nice too, e.g. Gummo.

Blaxploitation! Here’s an old classic that was 20 years too late to fit in the original wave.

Any takers for Seven Psychopaths?

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oh no, i forgot my other favorite movie…

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