Fervet Gaem Evah

I think my favorite game ever is Half Life 2, or possibly Skyrim.

Wuts ur fervet?

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Earthbound, Quake, DOOM or Dark Souls. Probably.

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You can take a look here to get a good idea XD

Hours on Dota 2 are a bit inflated due to long periods afk in menus

Had great times with Skyrim, especially with the mod overload i had going, think i had about 260 mods at one point, couldnt put more without crashing due to memory limit sadly

Deus Ex: Human Revolution I absolutely loved. I enjoyed the theme and the gameplay, ending choice thing kinda sucked at the end sadly

Dishonored & FFX are very high up on my list as well

Really liked playing Metro:LL and STALKER

Very long sessions playing risk of rain with gf which was great (played a lot of RoR2 now that it came out too)

But my absolute all time fav has to be Starcraft 1
Started playing it when i was like 12.
School had this computer room for computer classes and theyd let us go in there and pass time after classes were done. One of the professors was a big fan and installed it on only 2 computers! (had to get there in time to pick the right one to play)
Since it was his CDkey we couldnt get on Bnet so for a long while i only played single player.
Then a couple years later i got my own PC finally and SC. I got on Bnet, lost myself in custom maps, met Ash. Eventually moved on to WC3. And the rest is history :slight_smile:

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the first Rainbow Six, Swat 4, Delta force 1-2, Diablo, Starcraft, Warcraft, Nethack , Dwarf Fortress, Deus Ex, Quake, DOOM, Unreal Tournament, Duke Nukem, Ghost Recon, any of the Command and Conquers, and some of the Total Wars