Giov becomes one with the ethereal dimension

Our crusty memelord has transitioned, GioV is no longer with us.


He is now the @Geoffi the Transgio.

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Im told I should pay respects:

New Phone, who dis?

Inb4 he was just on an EVE binge and fell asleep

I only got actually worried once, and that was when I couldn’t find @Geoffi on Steam. @Suburban_Ed had sent me a screenshot of him chatting with Gio to prove he’s ok but in typical fashion it was like “tell the group I told 'em to fuck off” and “I’ve been playing adult games, screw you”. I tried to find him to send a message but couldn’t.

I tried everything. Turns out because Gio changes his name often Ed had set a custom nickname. No wonder I couldn’t locate Gio on my friends list. It was only after searching through all my friends (online, in game, away, offline) that I realised this. I found him, right at the very bottom of the offline lot.

Turns out @McFace was right, sorta. Gio wasn’t working for EVE Dollars, but the man. Pulled a lot of overtime this week or something…

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I blame ed

I didn’t do anything