Have you pooped today?


I have!

Have you?

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My ass is clean as a whistle. Expecting action later tonight.

Well I’ve pooped twice already today!

Once a day first thing in the morning usually. Today is no exception.

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Today, in fact, I have been twice.

Turns out today is an exception. I had a second, quick poop only a few hours after my first. This is decently common for me, but for the most part I’m once a day.

I have indeed! :eye: :poop:

I find the combination of high-fibre cereal and coffee in the morning tends to be highly effective. :clinking_glasses:

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It is 0800 here so I am expecting. No movement so far but will resolve to keep you posted.

Eagerly awaiting your report

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Happy to report a successful movement roughly 15 minutes ago. A little later than usual, but other than that no change.

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Conjured a thunderous fart and realized I was expecting.

Stained the porcelain. Had to go in with a brush.

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Sounds dramatic.

I had a small poo today.

Well, I just did! I feel so releaved right now… The peace after the war, the calm after the storm… This is the life, the real one.

I had a small poo today.

Whoo, second cup of coffee and I was ready to release the kraken. #2 #2

Absolutely. Every morning, like a clockwork. Sometimes I even wake up beforehand.

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Dindingding, we have a winner.

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We are all winners in this thread.

Also, I pooped.

Doing my daily checkin

Yup. I also pooped today.

I have today