What Is It?
Create. Explore. Survive. Minecraft is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures.

Server Address:

Joining the Server:
Our server runs a modified instance of Minecraft Java Edition. You can access it by loading Minecraft, navigating to Multiplayer, and clicking Add Server. From there, enter our server address and it will be saved to your favourites. You are then able to connect from selecting it from your server list.

If this is your first time joining you will need to register your Discord username with our Minecraft Bot. This is a straight forward process and involves sending a 4-digit code in a private message, over Discord, to our bot.

To begin, attempt to join the server. You will then receive further instruction.

You can access a Google Map style laydown of our server. This is located in the toolbar at the top of the page, or can be reached at DEFUNCT

I think this is one of my favourite moments from the server.

HOLY BALLS. Huge update alert!


The Nether will never be the same. To cope with this, we are going to reset our Nether and rebuild it. Nothing currently stored in the Nether will remain once we refresh on 1 Jul 20, so please make sure to salvage anything that you want from there!

We should figure out a time we can meet up to explore the new features.