New Years Resolutions

New Year New You is something I haven’t heard bounded around for such a long time… and I’m glad. It’s such a trite saying.

New Years Resolutions are probably the most broken promises we make to ourselves. But trying to make yourself better is admirable. Let’s hold each other account. What are your hopes for 2021?

I hope to get a new client or two once COVID is done shutting down spending.

Can you work well with clients remotely? How will you improve your chances of this happening?

I can work with clients remotely, but what I do is often workshop heavy and my clients view it as such so they don’t think about doing it remotely. They also tend to think of in-house work as being what they could do remote, and bringing in someone like me is special and should be done on-site.

What I’ve done so far is try to broaden my network through partnerships, which has worked somewhat but not to the point that it has improved our business prospects. I’ve also joined a variety of solo gig networks that unfortunately seem to be oriented towards super cheap overseas work. I also have been putting out marketing content on how certain types of work can be done best remotely. I’m short on ideas other than doing the same things again in iteration.