Someone invited AnimeSucks to guest on a podcast? Why?

I was a guest on The Basement Lounge podcast this week to discuss my aspiring comedy venture. You can check it out searching for The Basement Lounge on all your favorite podcast streaming sites, or check out if you have trouble finding it.

What is The Basement Lounge about? How’d you end up being invited onto it?

A lot of the content for the weekly podcasts usually center around the Dayton Standup Comedy scene… also some of the extra casts involve current events and gaming.

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Awesome! Will check it out :grinning:

Took a bit of searching, but for the rest of you:

I didn’t link to a particular site since people listen in on different services like apple and spotify

I don’t do podcasts, so anyone like me should just click that.

… and you need to read Moonknight. Get the Jeff Lemire run. It’s fantastic.

I just finished listening to it, it’s pretty good!

The podcast is a bit too local for me to invest in, but it was good to catch you on it. I liked the frank talk about depression and anxiety. It’s good to see people being open about that sort of stuff.

Keep us posted if there’s any more! :grinning:

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