Strange Email

I got a weird email yesterday. Not heavy breathing from @Geoffi, as some suggested on Discord earlier…

I’m always interested when things aren’t picked up by the spam filter so I took a look. No Nigerian Prince offering me millions, unfortunately. There was an mp3 and word document attached. They’re free of viruses but I can’t make head nor tail of them. I’ve uploaded both to my dropbox and shared a link below. Maybe someone here can do a better job than I can.

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Some of you were asking in the Discord about the email. I’ve attached a screenshot of it here. It took a while because I had to be in a position where I could make sure I’d removed all my personal details/images. You’re all great people, but I’m getting weird enough traffic already!

The email was sent from “NOREPLY @ BARDO.INSTITUTE”.

So far we have found and isolated the series of numbers in the mp3

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what we’ve figured out so far is this:

There is a set of numbers that @DOUGLASS_TODDLE as transcribed into a google doc (maybe link this in the thread?)
The numbers repeat in sets of 5. We don’t know why yet.
There was a comment in the mp3 that said it was taken from the Bardo Number Station during New Year 2020/2021.
Tamiel is the name of a fallen angel?
Bardo is the state after death but before rebirth, where consciousness is separated from the body.
@DOUGLASS_TODDLE is convinced there is a number of shell companies that are working on a project called TAMIEL
@UsernamesAreHard thinks we’re playing Alien Bingo.
There is a website called
For a better tomorrow, we’re watching today.

So just to be clear, it wasn’t heavy breathing from GioV?

I subscribed to the site that we’d found. An email came through earlier telling me there was a post. It points to here: