Syncing Discord And Discourse

Folks, a quick one. Please sign out of your accounts and, when logging back in, select “sign in with Discord”. This will sync your Discourse and Discord usernames.

If you use different emails, please follow the steps to make a new user. Create your username the same and append 1 to the end of it (e.g. my handle would be Ash1). Let me know and I will manually merge the accounts.

We will use this to set colours in Discord based on Discourse statuses. Cheers!

Some clarity on the above:

So you login to Discourse with your Discord account. This syncs the two.

After that, based on your trust level on Discourse, your username in Discord will become a different colour. Grey, at level 0, and at level 1 Teal.

You gain trust levels by doing things on the forums. For example, reading threads and posts, posting, spending time on the site, etc. If you want, you can read about how trust levels function here: