The Calm App (plus guest passes!)

Howdy folks.

I have been using the Calm app recently. It’s been a useful mindfulness app that’s assisted in maintaining my sanity during COVID Jail. It’s a no-frills deal that doesn’t require you to be a hippy, smoke a ton of weed, or have a specific belief set to see a benefit.

If you’ve never meditated before it offers a great 30 day how to course led by Jeff Warren. The basics of the app, plus the first few days of the course, are totally free. If you are genuinely interested in learning more then there is a paid option that opens up Masterclasses, sleep aids, and Yoga. I also have 5 Guest Passes that can be accessed on the link below that grant a temporary access to the full paid version.

All I ask is if you take one you don’t squander it. :slightly_smiling_face: You are responsible for someone else not getting a guest pass so stick do us the due diligence and stick out the trial period.

Yo ive had this for a month or so, I use the soundscapes for sleeping

That’s the only thing that’s not really worked for me. Calm’s sleep stories are pretty busy and engaging, which stops me from drifting off

I’ve found Headspace to be better for sleeping.

I also been playing that disney piano music when i sleep. makes me feel good when i wake up as for soundscapes i usually go for the rain ones… and the train one… and the whale one once… but i woke up and felt spooked because of it. I don’t know why i guess i thought i woke up in moby dick or something.