The Drinks Thread

So after trying and failing to hail our resident bartender for the second time I thought to myself hey @Ash, didn’t you make forums for exactly reasons like this? Yes, yes I did. So welcome, one and all, to…


What’s your favourite beverage? Hard, soft, virgin (are we doing phrasing anymore?), all are welcome here. Let me kick us off:

I am a big fan of the sazerac. As the big brother of an old fashioned, having a sazerac is a commitment to yourself that you will be hungover in the morning. But just as what matters is the journey and not the destination you’ll have an awfully fun time getting there.

Being little more than whiskey, cognac, bitters, lemon, and absinthe, this is a a cocktail that is guaranteed to put hairs on your chest. It can take a little while to make and a rushed one tastes like lighter fuel, so be mindful of that when ordering!

on the rare occasion im drinking a cocktail, its probably a daiquiri. it’s classic, deceptively simple, easy to riff on, and making it can relieve some stress.

2 parts white rum
.75 parts fresh lime juice (half to 3/4 of a lime)
2 teaspoons of sugar (simple syrup will work, just use the same amount as lime juice. it dilutes the cocktail more)

measure. no go back and measure it. shake it hard and long. you’re drinking this after a long, hot day of harvesting sugar cane in the Caribbean and the sweat soaking through your shirt reminds you how refreshingly cool this needs to be. strain into a glass or enjoy on the rocks if that’s your thing.

Smoke weed everyday


Being a big sweet tooth i usually just drink licors like ginjinha (PT licor, my favorite) or baileys/sheridans (with ice usualy)

Favorite cocktail though (this from someone whose cocktail knowledge is admitedly lacking)
Half a lime cut into 4 wedges
2 Teaspoons brown sugar
1 2/3 oz Cachaça
Minced Ice

Preparation: Place lime and sugar into old fashioned glass and muddle (mash the two ingredients together using a muddler or a wooden spoon). Fill the glass with crushed ice and add the Cachaça.

Best drink for a hot 40C summer day :slight_smile:

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The wife and I have been very into Manhattans for a good while now. Prior to that we had a big dirty martini kick (really dirty). Who knows what our next long-term kick will be.

In the beer category I’m an IPA man. The more it tastes like licking a skunk’s asshole the better.

Y’know, I don’t think there’s been a better explanation for an IPA ever. On my the IPA front, @ajcosh and I are pretty fond of Elvis Juice - an American IPA made by Brewdog.

If I had my pick of the litter though I’d go for a Trappist beer. You can’t beat a good Westmalle Tripel.

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Gone for more traditional brews recently. The beer trend is awesome and all, but once you’ve been in it for almsot 10 years you kind of grow out of some trends that spiraled way out of control. If you brew something to 15% ABV, put it in whiskey barrels for a year and add fucking gooseberries, penicillin and candle wax it’s pretty ballsy to still call it a Saison…

In IPAs the recent trend I remember liking was New England style but they kind of threw that out too when they started adding fruit juice extract to every other brew which just jacks up the price to ridiculous sums and gets rid of all carbonation in the process.

Recently I’ve been all about Germany. Kellerbier, Helles and trad Pilsner. Occasionally I’ll still get a Rochefort 10, a Saison Dupont or a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

As a footnote, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is still pretty much the best all around beer that’s hit the market. It hits all the right notes without overdoing it. Classic!

Good stuff. I sometimes go for whiskey cocktails. Kentucky Mule, Whiskey Smash or Old Fashioned probably make up most of what I ever order in that vein though, but mostly I’ll just order a plain Scotch.

You can combine both worlds. Just chuck a couple buds in a jar and add stronger alcohol like Everclear so you pretty much get a 1:1 ratio. Shake it every once in a while and store for up to a month, then strain it into whatever you want. Green dragon, baby.

Spacedust has been my go-to IPA for a while

Not necessarily one to enjoy, but certainly one to experience.

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I vehemently disagree! Buckfast gets you fucked fast. It’s great in the right circumstances.

In terms of cocktails, I’m a big mojito guy, or generally anything too.

As the pubs have been shut I’ve been sinking an awful lot of these, due to them tasting completely like a pub pint. Highly recommend.

I don’t drink often… but usually i just drink vodka straight. or even make a screwdriver with it.

Can never go wrong with one of these.


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dammit i probably should try this out of professional curiosity

Next @Kampin_bunny’s cocktail hour on Sunday?

I’ll need to acquire more supplies first so probably the next one. I do have the perfect drink to put it in though.

Works a treat. Think edibles but less of a couch lock situation.

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Did you end up trying it out?

kampin, i want you to try TEQUILA