What's your 16Personalities type?


Have you ever done the MBTI test before? What do you think to it? If you haven’t then give it a shot!

I’m an Advocate, INFJ-A, apparently. What’s your type?

Huh, interesting, this tells me I’m a Terrifying Psychopath, IKIL-U.

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In general I think these things are pretty self-fulfilling. What you think of yourself doesn’t exactly represent who you are.


I’m a mediator apparently.

Though the only category I hit by over 60% was introvert. Everything else was really close which is noncommittal just like I like it.

My highest thing was 72% assertive, but I had 4/5 of them at 60% or over

edit: wife just took it and got INFP-T

Ed, for the millionth time, I’m not your wife.

Your personality type is:

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Ed, for the millionth time, I’m not your wife.

That’s not what you said in Boulder.

Your personality type is:



oh also it says im 99% introverted, i can agree with that lol

That explains so much.

Yesterday I was an Architect. Today I’m a Mediator. Tomorrow I’ll be a potato.

Did MBTI a decade or so ago at work, it was all the rage back then for whatever reason. My results came out inconclusive because I had plenty of “it depends” responses and questions for clarifications which I was told aren’t available and that I should wholly commit to one answer. So I did: I gave conflicting answers to the pairs of questions that were meant to tease out One True Response.

Par for the course for this pseudo-scientific method that’s great at marketing itself. :slight_smile:

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