What's your favorite software?

Gio has wares that he favors. for their usefulness and i thought i would share them with you guys, and see what you guys like to use too so anyways its a big list so far.

WinDirStat: i use this to mostly check to see if a uninstalled game or software is still somehow on my system it will show me in exact detail what uses up most of my hard drive.

CrystalDiskInfo: I just use this to check on the status of my hard drive. so then i know when to back up stuff on my external and replace it.

IObit Uninstaller, Driver Booster, Advanced SystemCare: all three of these are good, the uninstaller, uninstalls in bulk and driver booster helps me know if i have drivers that needs to be updated since windows device manager fails to do that… advanced systemcare is pretty much like ccleaner, but its good to have since it can automatically do things

CCleaner: helps clean up registry and other stuff, but i mostly just use it for registry

Speccy: just helps me monitor all the temperatures on my system and gives me other information like fan speeds and what not

Flux: i like to use this during night while watching stuff or gaming and its close to bed, all it does is turns your screen into warm colors automatically. then in the morning it will reset back to default view. good for not straining your eyes

SuperF4: It just kills programs that refuse to close even after ending it on task manager. good for troubleshooting older games that would try to freeze your entire system…

Borderless Gaming: i like to play most of my games on potato mode, so what i would do if a game doesn’t have the option to set borderless fullscreen is launch the game in window mode then set the game with borderless gaming to borderless fullscreen.

ShareX: This is just a simple tool to take screen shots and then quickly upload them to image hosting services such as imgur etc.

Now, Share your wares with me.

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