What's Your Favourite Song Right Now?

Title says it all! What’ve you been playing non-stop recently? Share it here for everyone :grinning:

Lateralus by Tool has been stuck in my head for a while now. It’s the fibonacci sequence, maaaaan.

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I forgot we had a very similar taste in music!

Stoned Jesus is classic!

Listened to Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats?

I accidentally got this stuck in my head again while making a mixtape playlist:

I dig! Katana Zero’s soundtrack is likely to be right up your street. It’s a little more lively than the song you linked but the same sorta genre. Blue Room, linked below, is from the this soundtrack but is a CHOON with a slower tempo.

Because I miss the old days, when songs used to actually have a ‘storyline’ of a sorts.

I’ve been listening to this gal:

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Anything Rock Sugar, but if you haven’t heard of them… here’s a crash course.

So what im initially getting from this list is that we all either listen to Rock and/or Synth stuff?

I’m also listening to this

Olafur Arnalds is my neoclassical sugar daddy. If you’re interested, also check out Living Room Songs. It’s a phenomenal album. For a week Olafur’d give himself a day to write and record a track. Great stuff.

So what I’m taking from this thread is we all listen to music.

I’m a major bass head - got a lot of love for garage/bassline/drum & bass/grime/drill too.

This is a drum & bass tune that’s been hitting me for a while:

had this song stuck in my head for awhile


Not listening to it right now, but I really enjoyed the Disturbed take on Sound of Silence:

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So delightfully trenchy.

Yeah Ash. Double post.

This one has been on my mind all weekend.


One of the greatest songs that ever man made.

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Been hearing quite a bit of infected mushroom for a while
Though gf found this song ive had on loop lately