Worst game you've ever played and why


Urban Dead was so horrible I had to create my own fun to enjoy it… like griefing and zerging and spaiing…

Honestly? I’d have to say No Man’s Sky. I was burned by it so hard and have avoided any hypetrains since. Certainly taught me a good lesson!

I’ve heard it’s gotten better since, but I just can’t bring myself to take it out the case again.

Ya im glad i dodged that at launch however ive been looking forward to trying it since it got good.
and then i watched this vid and i wanted to even more

I highly recomend his fallout 76 vid too

Bloodbath Kavkaz, It was a russian Hotline Miami rip off, and i bought it for slav memes, but it was glitchy and crashed alot i could not even play the 2nd level because of it all.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is definitely up there.

If you set your age to 99 it is a little easier to endure. A little.

By then I’ll hopefully be senile and have forgotten about the entire ordeal.

I remember not enjoying this so much…

I played with myself once… urgh

(but also Wasteland 2, unless you are super into quicksaving)

Does that mean it was a bad game or just hard? I love the Soulsbourne, but were I to not activate any lamps/bonfires then I’d probably have a bad time too!

The first, all bad. But I can only blame myself…

The latter, Wasteland 2 is actually a fun game if you are into Fallout’ish games - but if you, like me, enjoy jerking about a little, it’s brutally unforgiving and will leave you in tears, hours into the game because guess what - you DO need that piece of whatever junk labelled junk for some ultra important quest and now you’re just fucked and stuck.

both games 3/10, and really only worth it the second time.