Yume Nikki

Did any of you play Yume Nikki and is it worth it?

I stumbled onto Yume Nikki at a weird point in my experience of life. I fell head over heels with the game. It is not a typical play, if anyone were to pick it up with the idea of following a linear story you’d be confused and likely drop it.

But if you have right mindset and right intention, if you work through the frustration of not really knowing what’s going on, it’s very rewarding. I loved trying to figure out the story.

The themes you draw out of it will reflect your own headspace.

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Awesome! That’s kind of what I wanted to hear.

Don’t front load yourself too much, but make sure you know where to get the bicycle. Otherwise it will take so. Much. Time. To get anything done.

Really looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.

Wasn’t this game free? i think it was at some point

Yeah it’s still free. I meant worth it to put in the hours.

Have you gave it a shot yet?

Yeah I got started but now I’ve been away from my gaming rig for more than two weeks so there’s been no real development lately. Got the bike and collected three effects. The soundtrack is sex and some of the maps give me the heebie jeebies. Solid experience so far.

Anything further to report?

What are the effects you found?